February 18, 2020
Xprexity Review: How Xprexity Provides a Real Income for Affiliate Marketers And Business Owners
Xprexity Review: How Xprexity Provides a Real Income for Affiliate Marketers And Business Owners
Review Xprexity

Xprexity Review: How Xprexity Provides a Real Income for Affiliate Marketers And Business Owners

Xprexity Review: How Xprexity Provides a Real Income for Affiliate Marketers And Business Owners

Xprexity Review. How Xprexity Provides a Real Income for Affiliate Marketers And Business Owners. Xprexity proudly states that it is committed to satisfying customers and empower the Business entrepreneur.

But is really the whole truth?

Or whether Xprexity has fingers crossed behind his back as he said this?

Reports of rampant fraud on the internet. That’s especially true in the field of affiliate marketing. When it comes to the different affiliate networks, Xprexity is one of the affiliate marketing programs that people seem to call scam.

However, many of these claims are from people who just have to use the network for a short time. In addition, there are a lot of favorable reviews of this affiliate network. After seeing this fight on the internet, we decided to dig deeper and uncover the truth.

So, what exactly? Is the actual Xprexity network of fraud, or is it a valuable resource for affiliate marketers?

Who Is Behind Xprexity?

Xprexity has been in business for 2 years and has built a reliable reputation with over 500,000 subscribers and still counting. This is not an affiliate network average. They focus on digital products and services that are created by businessmen from all over the world. Unlike other affiliate networks that draw in large companies, Xprexity is a place for small people to work together to get the money.

Digital products and service creators put their products to market on Xprexity Unversity and affiliate marketers create affiliate links to promote their products and services (and get a commission).

Moreso, Xprexity has a fantastic feature which no other affiliate network possesses, and this brought about the growth sprout of their subscribers in 2019.

Xprexity University Affiliate Feature are listed below:

Xprexity Review: How Xprexity Provides a Real Income for Affiliate Marketers. Xprexity University is the solution to the complexity and overwhelming information on the internet. They make earning simple, make you a pro, and show you how to take a break without wasting time.

  1. Learn Fast – Gain instant access to high-quality step by step courses to build a successful online businessThey have courses in the top-notch subjects. Practicable courses which you can implement as quickly as you can for any business.
  2. Earn Big – Earning online has been made simple. Just follow the steps, and you can start earning.

  3. Active Community – Stay connected with like-minded people who are ready to make your business easier. I can say this is the best part that makes then stand out. If you need any help in any way, you will get instant help from a member of the community instantly.

  4. Premium WordPress themes and plugins – Save more than 90% on premium WordPress themes and plugins. Get it for free once you get a membership plan.

  5. Build and grow your business – Earn good income with their affiliate program and creators board.

So far, this does not seem like much of a scam. Let’s dive right into some of the complaints that are listed online.

Xprexity Affiliate Revenue  (Review)
Before we review the entire network and walk you through its features, pros, and cons, we will dispel the myth that refers to Xprexity as a scam.

2. Big Xprexity Scam Myth That We’ve Busted

With so many people crying scam, it is easy to understand why some doubt the reliability of Xprexity. Let’s address two of the biggest complaints that people post online.

1. Do not Pay Xprexity Membership’

Xprexity affiliate network is often reported as a scam because you have to pay a certain amount on a monthly basis fo access everything for free. On the other hand, if you don’t purchase a membership, as a free member, you purchase everything with a discount compared to other sites.

However, there is a reasonable explanation for this.

Clearly, this is contrary to the rules of affiliate marketing with Xprexity. To end this trend, adding the Xprexity Customer Distribution Requirement. Now,  affiliates or new visitors are not and never compelled to purchase a membership plan. Free service is available for a free membership which even gives you a better edge over the normal market.

So, the first claim for Xprexity scam is broken!

2. Xprexity Products Are not valuable

Many affiliates will just select any product or service that they feel fits their website and start promoting it. This is a dangerous practice for any affiliate marketer, not just those who work with Xprexity.

So why these people call Xprexity scam?

In fact, Xprexity is an online retailer of digital products and services for online businesses only. Entrepreneurs create digital products and services to sell in their markets, and affiliates can choose the products they want to promote.

While some digital products offer great value, many of them were essentially useless.

Xprexity, however, is not responsible for the quality of their products in the market. In fact, they offer a 30-day refund to anyone who makes a purchase, no questions asked.

Because this is the case, it is very important for affiliates to choose wisely the products that they are promoting.

Both claim fraud: Busted!

So, how can you choose valuable Xprexity affiliate products to promote?

Xprexity Review: How Xprexity Provides a Real Income for Affiliate Marketers

The Right amount of gravitation

Xprexity gravity is the number used to indicate how well each product on the market they are selling through affiliate marketing. Although there are different opinions about how this number is calculated, the general idea is that a number between 20 and 100 was good. Keep in mind that, while higher numbers indicate more sales, they also mean higher competition.

Looking for up-and-coming up with a reasonable number of gravity is a good way to get ahead of the game. Check the date of activation products with a gravity of about 20, and you may find some real gems.

High Commission Percentage

This may seem a little obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: a higher percentage of commission, the more revenue you’ll see. With some products, you can see as much as 75% commissions! Of course, products lower commission may still be helpful if the selling price is higher. So, be sure to compare the percentage of commission to the selling price before deciding.

A pitch vendor That Converts

When you create an affiliate link, you will link to the sales page of individual products in Xprexity.

I am sure that you have done a fair share of the work to increase conversions on your affiliate site. However, after the reader follows the link, the end result is out of your hands.

So, take a good look at the sales page of each product you think is being promoted. Do persuasive without going overboard? Did it seem truthful? Do they include a video? Does this convince you to buy the product?

The initial cost is low, with Upsales

People hate to spend their hard-earned money. So, when they see a product with a low initial cost, they may be more inclined to buy it. Many products on Xprexity sites have the option to “upsell” or additional product sales with respect to the first. Additional products usually have a higher conversion rate, thus getting more commissions.

Finding a product with some upsells is a great option for affiliate marketing.

Some Good Reviews Online

Finding some good reviews from actual customers is a fantastic sign for affiliate products. This means that people really enjoy the product, and there is little chance of a refund request. Related Products For Sale
When you find a product you want to promote, to see if there are similar products for sale on Xprexity.

By promoting multiple products in the same genre, you’ll have a higher chance of sales. Thus, you will increase your commission income.

Good and bad of Xprexity for Affiliate Marketers (Xprexity review)


Internet startup: For an affiliate marketer, Xprexity is quick, easy and free to get started.
Up to 75% commission: While each vendor specifies the percentage of commission on their own, they tend to be higher than average.

Options for recurring commission: Upsales gives you a chance to get even more for the same amount of effort!

Sophisticated reporting tools: Xprexity affiliate Analytics Data tables and graphs that give them all the information they need to succeed.
60-day cookie: After tracking means a higher chance for a commission.

Several payment options: Payment of Xprexity is available by direct deposit, wire transfer or Paypal.
low payments limit: You can choose your payment threshold, as low as $ 10.


Some products are worthless: Affiliates must ensure that the products they are promoting are really worth the money.
Popular products face a lot of competition: As already mentioned, a number of higher gravity will tell you the products face more competition.
Must meet the Customer Distribution Requirement to receive payment: the new affiliate may thus see a small delay for their first payment.

Xprexity Review Conclusion
From what we saw, it was clear that Xprexity is not a scam. On the contrary, it can be a valuable tool for affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs to earn money.

While Xprexity is not a possible primary source of income, it can definitely add a significant amount to your affiliate marketing revenue.

Hang On, We’ve Got Something for You…

Ready to take your affiliate marketing to the next level?

Want to see a real increase in organic traffic reaching your affiliate site?


Read this post on how to get started.

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