July 14, 2020

How To Send Offers To Buyers Request On Fiverr

How To Send Offers To Buyers Request On Fiverr
How To Send Offers To Buyers Request On Fiverr

How To Send Offers To Buyers Request On Fiverr

How To Send Offers To Buyers Request On Fiverr. If buyers are having trouble finding what they’re looking for or have a special request, they can submit a Gig request. Gig requests matching the subject for a Gig you offer will appear on the Buyer Requests page.

For example, if someone requests 20 banners for a project and you offer banner designs, you will see the buyer’s Gig request.


  • Misuse of the Buyer Request feature, such as advertising your services as a seller, may lead to your account being disabled.
  • Submitting offers to buyer requests is not available to all sellers.

To send an offer to a Gig request:
  1. Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click More > Buyer Requests.
    At the top, you can see the total amount of active requests, the total amount of offers you’ve sent (if relevant), and how many offers you have left to send today.
    – In the Search requests field, you can enter a term to search and narrow the list down.
    – In the All Subcategories field, you can filter requests based on different subcategories in which you offer Gigs.

    From the list of requests, you can see the description and metadata entered by the buyers to help you make your decision to offer your services. For example, if you do photoshop editing, the buyer can select Background Removal, Filters & Effects, and Retouching & Enhancements as metadata fields.

  2. When you find a request you like, hover over the request and click Send Offer.
    A summary of the buyer request appears at the top.

    Note: Clicking Remove Request will remove the request from your view.

  3. If you offer more than one Gig, select a Gig that is relevant to the request.
    – In the Describe Your Offer area, write a personalized message. For example, you can write details on what you can provide and the reasoning for your pricing.
    – Fill out your total offer amount, delivery time, number of revisions, and define other elements in the offer scope.
  4. Click Submit Offer.
    Offer Sent appears, indicating you’ve responded to the Gig request.
Let’s Talk About Buyer Demand
How To Send Offers To Buyers Request On Fiverr

If you’ve spent enough time on Fiverr, you probably know about this forbidden zone. It is like the dark woods that only brave people visit. The buyer’s request may seem like an area far away from everyday life, but in reality, they are not isolated. It is Fiverr space in which to temporarily reversed the buyer-seller relationship.

To enter, bring your mouse pointer to the main menu, and display the “Sell” sub-menu. At the bottom of the page, almost to the end of it, you will find a “buyer requests” tab.

There, buyers post what they need to get Fiverr sellers working in the same area by approaching them and make them a good offer. This working method is very similar to that used by other independent labor markets, such as oDesk, Freelancer and Workana.

If common, why it is being treated with such suspicion on Fiverr? Basically, because of the lack of habit. Out of all the mysticism, it is still essentially the same. You send offers. Clients receive it.

What you do need to keep in mind is this: those who publish here are not usually too rushed, so it does not bother them to look at several options before making a decision.

What does it mean? It will not be easy to get them to accept your offer … so you have to send them something that is impossible to resist. To achieve this, you need to find the perfect combination of benefits for buyers and for yourself.

Therefore, if this is your first time on the “Buyer demand” or you are tired of rejection, take note! With these simple tips, it’s only a matter of time before you get to the next customer.

How to Send a Buyer to Win Effective Demand Order

Come on, it’s just an offer! You do it all the time for clients that direct personal contact. Then why are you so nervous? Because you only have one chance?

Bah, do not worry! If you do it right, one shot is all it takes to win your client. But how do you take advantage of the buyer’s request to get the order? Let us lend you a hand with it.

All Necessary Information

You only have one chance, so the bid you submit should be perfect for your clients: make sure that there is no doubt that it is you who have to finish the job. To do this, you should be aware of a little or a lot of information that customers provide the “Buyer’s request” them.

Consider even the smallest and most significant details when making your offer and add it. Even if they are small things, the fact that you reflect them in your offer will make the client understand that you read their request very carefully and that you are willing to do the work that will satisfy them.

It’s always a good idea to arm yourself with a lot of kindness, flexibility, and attention. This is the kind of aspect that customers want from their service providers … and the advice that goes beyond the tab “request the buyer”.

A Specific Description

Even if your potential customers do not take the trouble to detail too much of what they want in their buyer’s demand, you do not have to give up on the game. No, man. Being ambiguous is not allowed.

First of all, because customers will not really believe or even understand what you are offering them … and that led to their loss. And second, because you have to protect yourself.

It is true. Sometimes it’s fun to think about how many Fiverr users do not care about the description when they can be very useful in dealing with the dispute.

Why? Well, basically because of the kind of contract deals. By the time you send the offer and the buyer to accept, it means that you both agree to the terms of the offer. That is how it is. Always.

If you are specific enough, you will have a way to get rid of the “additional requests” which was previously not expressed and therefore not reflected in the price of your Gig.

By this, we do not imply that participated in the Buyer Demand will be problematic or that disputes are going to happen… but it is better to be prepared for everything.

Cost Gig

Ugh, tricky subject. For some reason, put a price on your work is always complicated when you start looking for customers. You want to offer your clients the costs would love, but you do not want to give you a job …

And that’s fine. You should understand that it is okay. Under no circumstances give your work is accepted, and it was okay to charge for your effort put into it if you do it with commitment.

But … as usual, if you want the job, you must create a juicy offer. Do not be crazy. Put your work only a few dollars below the suggested price buyers are better than nothing.

Remember that doing a job you do not really see the benefit does not make sense.

Delivery time

Another sensitive topic … ugh. We returned to the same subject we discussed earlier. You can not work as a slave in inhumane conditions. An order deals advantageous for both parties. It should be a win-win situation.

In this case, you can not consider yourself a “winner” if you’ve been working too hard on yourself to finish the job that just gives you a $ 5 gift. Take it easy and use your head to choose a realistic number that would make attractive offers at the same time.

To select a number, you may need to look at previous experience. How long do you usually take to do a job like that? Do you know someone who has done something like that and can give you advice? Ask, consult, take your calculator, do some math and mark your calendars.

Remember that it is important to offer that would be attractive to buyers, but you will not achieve anything if you can not even meet the deadline. Ugh.

Number of Revisions

You can sometimes randomly put this number in your offer more, but when you prepare to send your buyer requests have to be very careful. You will apply your Gig do not know much about, and that was it who put themselves at risk zones. So, you do not want to throw themselves in wolf covered in BBQ sauce, right?

So, let’s talk about the revision. If you are lucky and get your work done without having to make any modifications, great! That means that all of this would be nothing more than a precautionary measure … but what if it does not like it?

Many times, there are clients who have very clear ideas, is more than obvious, almost a mental picture of what they want. However, despite how many questions and requests for details that you make, they do not show that mental image.

That could be a serious problem. Why? They already know what they want, and if they pay, they do not expect to get anything less than what they want in order to feel satisfied. If the order goes ahead and you end up giving something that does not fit the idea that … well, you can make the necessary changes.

But what if your client does not provide the right guidelines for what they want? You will be entering what we like to call “the cycle of rejection”. Despite the funny name, not experience. Basically, it is that you will make certain changes will not like, so they will want your customers to make more changes … and each time will get a further idea of ​​what they want.

Be careful, because you may end up investing twice as much time and effort in order if it happens. Fortunately, if you enter a real number and equitable revision, your clients will be forced to explain in detail the changes that must be done … because if not, customers have to settle for the final product that they do not like going.

They have accepted your request?

Congratulations! Now you know what to do, why not you share your thoughts on this space? All tips, advice, ideas, are welcome to make this post.

Share, comment, discuss and participate! Let’s make this space more and more useful for Fiverr sellers.

Let us get back to Fiverr!

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