July 6, 2020
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How To Sell Shopify Products With Facebook Advertising In 2020

How To Sell Shopify Products With Facebook Advertising
How To Sell Shopify Products With Facebook Advertising

How To Sell Shopify Products With Facebook Advertising In 2020

How To Sell Shopify Products With Facebook Advertising In 2020. Don’t continue advertising your products with Facebook ads the way you’ve been doing it. Here are simple but effective tips and tricks to use when running ads for your Shopify products in 2020.

Before we go into the topic in context, I will like to dismiss the public opinion about Facebook advertising for Shopify products as many say it doesn’t work in 2020.

It is important to note this: Before you can succeed in anything, you must learn, take a test, do practicals e.t.c. before you can be a pro in that field. Many jumps into dropshipping nowadays because a friend is making money through dropshipping, or based on a testimony they encounter on the internet.

For you to really make money with dropshipping, especially when promoting your products through Facebook advertising, you need to learn some steps.

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How do you sell your products with Facebook advertising in 2020?
1. Sell Valuable And Profitable Shopify Products

After working with a lot of Shopify store owners who hire me for marketing, especially on Fiverr, I learned and came into this conclusion that to make reasonable money in dropshipping, you need to sell a valuable and profitable product. 

People come to me for marketing products that cost $3, $5, even less. I don’t have a problem with that though, as you can make a profit by selling those kinds of low-profit margin products. But the problem is that those products are not valuable.

Why are the products not valuable? for example, someone selling phone cases that costs $5 just as it is on Aliexpress,

  • No customization
  • No personalization
  • No convincing product description

and yet still selling them at a higher price that the supplier from aliexpress. Do you think your buyers are zombies?

What is the way out? How do you sell Valuable And Profitable Shopify Products
  • Pick High ticket product from your focused niche
  • Edit the Product title, description and remove images that have suppliers name
  • Pick Products based on order count
  • Personalize Products with your Brand
2. Create Traffic Objective Facebook Ads Based On Demographics, Interests, and Behaviours

the first step to promote Shopify products through Facebook advertising is to run traffic objective ads. With this, you will be able to learn the performance of your products.

While running traffic ads, keep these things into consideration

  • Run ads to target all countries of the continent you are promoting products to. e.g. if your product is only useful for the African audience, run ads to target them all at first. After some time, you will be able to learn which country, places and audience are really interested in the product. Then you can now focus on the best performing audience. NOTE: If you already have a target audience, you can skip this, but it is important to carry out this step so as to be sure of your audience.
  • Check the performance of your ads daily to have a detailed understanding of the best performing places and audiences. Keep the records for future use.
  • Let your ads run on Facebook feeds and Instagram feed only. Except if you are offering services

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3. Retarget all audiences brought with traffic advertising

When you have run traffic ads for a while and got little engagement and enough audience size, its time to retarget your audience with conversion ads with a custom and lookalike audience.

This time, you want to be sure of interested audiences, those that are really interested in your product. You might be thinking, “how much do I have to waste testing ads”?

Here is a quote from Brian Carter’s blogpost

If you can’t spare $30 a month, you shouldn’t be in business.

Brian Carter

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And always remember, the goal is to build a successful brand. 

With conversion ads, you will be able to come into conclusions about your active and worthy audiences. Here is how to set up ads based on custom audience and lookalike audience

Watch the Video on how to create conversion ads on Facebook

4. Focus your ads on the best-performing demographics, Places, and audience.

After learning what works and what doesn’t, focus on the best-performing demographics, places, and audiences, as they will be the ones to actually convert. When you have already defined your audience, you can use the following tips to show ads to them.

  • Offer reasonable promo and discount – You lose money, right? It’s the same as testing ads with your money.
  • Do a questionnaire survey and promote it to your audience asking them of their opinion and recommendations about the products – This can be done through email marketing.

After all, said and done, follow the following tips to boost sales for your Shopify products.

Learning is the best. Learn How to sell and promote. 

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