July 15, 2020
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How to Make $500 Monthly With Shopify Dropshipping

How to Make $500 Monthly With Shopify Dropshipping store
How to Make $500 Monthly With Shopify Dropshipping store

How to Make $500 Monthly With Shopify Dropshipping

having low or no sales, by the end of the tutorial, you should start selling with the few tips and tricks.

How to Make $500 Monthly With Shopify Dropshipping store

Having worked with many clients over the years especially in building Shopify stores, setting up ads, management, and reporting, I’ve learned a lot, and think its time to put my experiences in the papers.

No story this time. In this guide, we will cover the following sub-topics:

  • Pre Selling

  • Choosing a Focused Niche

  • Pick A High Ticket Item Centered On Passion

  • Be Ready To Test And Fail

  • Leverage The Power Of Pinterest
  • Choose one ads platform and stick to all its Promotion functionalities. 
1. Pre Selling

A lot of people start Shopify dropshipping without the knowledge of how to completely set up the store. It’s not just about uploading a theme, customizing it, and start importing products. There are certain steps you must follow before launching your store and I doubt it if you don’t fall to this category.

Listed below are the things needed to setup.

All these are listed below Improving search engine optimization (SEO) subtopic in the Shopify help center.

If you fall to this category, follow the link above and fix your errors.

2. Choosing a Focused Niche

Choosing a focused niche when it comes to Shopify dropshipping goes a long way. This will retain your interest and empower your brand authority in the future. What do I mean by this? When you eventually have a large following and starts getting consistent traffic and engagement:

  • You get referrals from your existing buyers’ cos you are known to a single niche
  • Easy to rank products
  • You will be able to define your audience
  • Marketing and running ads will be easier since you only have one niche to focus on.

Why Focus On a single Niche?

You can go deep, rather than wide, and beat others in a particular case. You can be an expert in the unique aspects or angles. … And their audience coming back for more, because they have established themselves as an expert in that niche.

In short, you will be an expert in your field.

3. Pick A High Ticket Item Centered On Passion

Do not sell low priced products, and I repeat, Stay away from it. The fact is simple, you only need to ask yourself, how many products do I have to sell before I make $500 or more as a profit? 

Selling low priced products won’t get you anywhere, cos the same amount to spend on ads for a low priced product, will be the same to spend on a high ticket item. Find a high ticket item, a good supplier and start dropshipping the products.

How do you find the right supplier? you can do that by searching google.

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4. Be Ready To Test And Fail

This is one truth that drop shippers don’t like to be told. You need to test, to be able to know what works and what doesn’t. This is how you can be an expert, know which product to retain, scale, trash e.t.c.

Wait, does that mean I need to lose all my hard-earned savings so I can be an expert? Absolutely no! That why it is required of you to read blog posts, watch videos, take courses, e.t.c. before starting out to build your store.

5. Leverage The Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful double-edged tool for both getting traffic to your store and getting insights on which product is searched most on Pinterest.

Here is a Pinterest account and how to use it for your own product.

Pinterest analytics dashboard
Pinterest analytics dashboard

As you can see above, you will get insights on the most performing pins. if you click on the image, you will get more information on the pin. With Pinterest, you will be able to know which of your products is performing well off ads.

Here is a tip, it is mandatory to create pins for all your products on Pinterest, both main product images, and variant. this is a source of lifetime traffic if you do it consistently.

6. Choose one ads platform and stick to all its Promotion functionalities

Choosing one ad platform like google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest ads, twitter ads, pay per click, e.t.c. is a great way of establishing your authority on social media. Once you find the right ads platform for your product, leverage all ad functionalities.

Let’s take Facebook ads for example. If you are running ads on Facebook, start with traffic objective, scale with conversion ads, try to run messenger ads, boost a post, e.t.c.

If you can follow the tips, it is possible to make $500 per day with Shopify dropshipping.

If you need any help with Shopify, ads, e.t.c. Let me know in the comments below.


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