July 14, 2020

How to Make Money With Commission Junction – Commission Junction Review

How to Make Money With Commission Junction
How to Make Money With Commission Junction

How to Make Money With Commission Junction – Commission Junction Review

How to Make Money With Commission Junction – Commission Junction Review. CJ Affiliate by Conversant keeps popping up on your radar – and you’re itching to sign up as a publisher.

You will find just what it takes to earn a passive income with affiliate marketing and how to use the CJ Affiliate to partner with the world’s biggest brands.

In 2020 this definitive guide, you will learn exactly that.

I have made a lot of money on commission junction and when it comes to choosing an affiliate network out of commission junction is my favorite because I had a good experience and I’m very comfortable to use the interface and yes, I know a few tips and tricks to promote Commission Junction affiliate products.

What is the Commission Junction? Is it a fraud?

Never, in fact, it’s one of the best affiliate networks. How could CJ scam when they send payments even for those publishers who use phony techniques to get money from Commission Junction. And yes, I know many people like that.

Commission Junction has excellent support and they have received so many good entries to be the sender of timely payment for their affiliates.

NOTE: If your website has little or no traffic, beware. Publishers who fail to get results within their first 6 months may get deactivated.

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How to make money with commission junction
CJ Affiliate Requirements

If you want to make money through CJ, you need to become an affiliate publisher. This means you are a person who has a website where you advertise your products and send the traffic to bidding. When the traffic converts, you get paid. However, CJ has some requirements before you can join as a publisher.

  • You must be committed. Affiliate marketing is not something that you really can be done on the side for monetization and hope to get serious results. Most advertisers do not want to make a deal with a publisher that is not really in it.
  • You need your website optimized. The key to making money with affiliate marketing is traffic and the key to SEO traffic. Make sure your SEO is as neat as possible.
  • You need quality content. The key to SEO is the content, and users love the content. The days of having a thin site with a few affiliate links are long over. You will not only be penalized in the search rankings, but you will also be dropped by advertisers who do not want their reputation blackened.
  • You need time. Affiliate marketing is not an industry-hours a day; You usually attract many hours doing everything yourself until you make enough money to hire someone else to do some for you.
  • You need to produce results. CJ records your commission and they maintain a record of your performance. If you do not produce the results for six months, they will close your account and they will charge you $ 10 to do so. Sign up and doing nothing is detrimental to everyone involved so they also make that against you. If you think you can meet these requirements, you can REGISTER HERE.
Now You Need A website
What is the best hosting package to use?

Before setting up your website/blog, you need hosting and a domain. I recommend Interserver for your hosting package, you will also buy your domain there. You can purchase a monthly hosting package if you don’t have enough funds to get a yearly package, which you will get a discount for. It comes with Cpanel and webmail functionalities.

NOTE: Do not go for free hosting all around the internet, this is the first step to failure, as it will cost you in the long run. Remember, to make money, you need to spend and invest MONEY and its no joke.

Click Here to Sign up for interserver


After getting your domain and hosting, you need to set up your blog. Not everyone has the knowledge of how to build a converting WordPress website or even install a plugin.   There is a solution to that too.

Buy already made blog for just $19 and start creating your affiliate posts.

If you need any help in creating a website, Let me know in the comments below

Now, Back to the topic. You have your hosting, Domain, and your blog. How do you make money with CJ affiliate?

After signing up and adding your website, Here is how to get links to promote on CJ

From automotive and electronics to gardening and recycling, there really is something for every blogger or entrepreneur.

commission junction products banners
How to Make Money With Commission Junction – Commission Junction Review

When you’re on Links > Search, you’ll notice the special filters on the left, like:

  • Events: New Year, Christmas, Cyber Monday
  • Promotion Type: Sales, Free Shipping, Coupons
  • Link Types: Banner, Text Link, Content Link

Let’s explore how this works out.

Say, you run a health blog and want to promote health equipment in your blog post, 7 Best Pieces of Equipment for Health Fanatics (Up to __% Discounts!).

With this goal in mind, you could select…

  • Category: Health > Equipment
  • Promotion Types: Sale/Discount
  • Link Types: Banner, Text Link

…and pick the ads that best fit your content.

Pretty neat.

Most offers on CJ Affiliate are cost per acquisition (CPA) — such as pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-call. Occasionally, a handful of advertisers offer pay-per-view or pay-per-click. Placements and flat spend opportunities are also available.

Depending on which program you choose, you can promote products on social media.

NOTE: Review the policies of both the advertiser and social media platform before you proceed.

Once you start promoting and you get consistent traffic that clicks and takes actions on your affiliate links, then you start

Final Tips to Make it Big on CJ Affiliate

Your website needs a ton of targeted traffic to start earning commissions. Typically, it takes three to six months to start seeing results. Affiliate marketing is a patience and stamina game⁠ — and CJ Affiliate is no exception.

Bloggers who have found success recommend this: create your blog’s content around the product. Select the products you trust and love. From there, brainstorm lead generation and content ideas. With this, you can make money with commission junction.


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