July 7, 2020

6 Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers in 2020

6 Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers
6 Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers

6 Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers in 2020

6 Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers in 2020. If you’ve been blogging for a while but haven’t started monetizing your blog, you might be wondering what income stream you should add first.

This can be a sticking point, whether you’re a new blogger or have been blogging for a while.

There’s no one “perfect” income stream to start with (though I’ll be making a recommendation at the end of this post about the one that suits most blogs).

What you pick will depend on your topic, your audience, and more.

Different Factors Affecting the Income Stream You Choose

Your Topic: Multiple streams of income in accordance with certain topics are better than others. For example, bloggers writing about spirituality or politics often find ads do not work well for them, and or don’t make a reasonable amount of revenue.

Readers Interest: Your reader’s interest matters most. A reader’s interest will serve as the bond that ties them to your store, and not only that but make them visit and engage with your content on a daily and recurring basis.

Audience Size: The more your audience size, the more your revenue increases. some income streams won’t bring you mich revenue when you have a small audience especially google Adsense.

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Readers’ Location: Readers’ location and the offer will determine a lot when it comes to revenue, e.g. Promoting offers that don’t benefit a particular audience location will be a disaster.

The Source of Your Traffic: Several different types of traffic produces different revenue. For example, traffic from the search engines can be a good fit for Google AdSense, but traffic from social media may not convert well into sales of affiliate products. Email works very well if you are selling a product.

Six Different Income Streams You Could Try
1. Join the Ad Network

I see many bloggers start out this way, especially those who have already built a few spectators. Advertising does not work well if your audience is very small, because you will not get more than a few cents of it.

One popular option is the Google AdSense network. Some bloggers do not like it because they find they do not make a lot of money for it. My experience is that you need a lot of traffic, and works best with US audiences.

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2. Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Amazon’s affiliate program is called “Amazon Associates”, and it attracts some mixed feelings from bloggers. (If you’re not sure what an affiliate program read this post to learn the detailed guide of affiliate marketing in 2020.)

One issue with Amazon Associates is it’s simply not available for some people. Amazon won’t let you join if you’re in certain states due to tax laws. And Amazon isn’t available at all in some parts of the world.

But most of the complaints I hear are that Amazon’s commission isn’t very high (it’s normally 4%, though it can be higher on certain products) and that the affiliate cookie only lasts for 24 hours.

While Amazon won’t be a perfect fit for every blog, it’s a good first option as you can be up and running with Amazon affiliate links in just a few minutes.

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3. Other Affiliate Programs

Being “affiliate” of a product means you recommend it to your readers and earn a commission every time they buy that product through your affiliate link. You will get an “affiliate links” for products with special tracking code so that the commission can properly credited to you.

Some online stores have their own affiliate program, but many will use an affiliate network such as Commission Junction, Commission Factory, ShareASale or LinkShare. These work well for bloggers, as your commission from several different stores can be pooled together into one payout (so long as they’re all on the same network).

If your topic is not suitable for a physical product, you can promote virtual products that are often based on information such as ebooks, e-courses or membership sites, e.t.c. Some will pay quite a high commission, with 50% is considered normal.

You can also promote a software product. In earning quick, for example, we recommend tools, prebuilt blogs, plugins, themes WordPress hosting, and so forth.

Whatever you promote, make sure it’s a product that is on topic and match what you want your reader to buy. You should also be sure that it’s of high quality and something you are happy to be associated with through your recommendations.

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4. Sponsorship

This is slightly different types of ads where you find a brand that is willing to work with you directly, cut out the “middle man” the advertising network. Again, you will need huge and consistent traffic for this to work.

There are numerous ways you can sell sponsorship. For example, you might offer:

  • A banner ad on your blog
  • A sponsored post (written by you or the sponsor)
  • A sponsored giveaway or competition on your blog

With earning quick, we often offer sponsors a banner ad on the blog and in the newsletter.

#5: Creating Products

Until now, the method I’ve shared are all about promoting other people’s products – either as an affiliate or to work with them as an advertiser or sponsor. These methods all involve sending people away from your site to buy the products of others.

That works well, especially when you start. Yet another option is to create your own product that you sell through your blog.

It requires quite a lot of work, especially if you are going to sell a physical product that needs to be designed and manufactured. Even virtual products such as ebook takes time to make.

My first product is an ebook, which included some previous posts published along with some additional material. It took three or four months to make and get it ready to sell.

Selling ​​your own product works well if you’ve got the audience involved than at first glance a lot of traffic from search engines. Ideally, you want to get your reader to an email list, because email is a great way to sell products.

If you already build an audience, and your readers engaged and interested, the product can be a great revenue stream first. You can include your readers in product development. They could even help fund through sites like Kickstarter.

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#6: Selling Your Services

The final income stream you might try when you first monetize is selling your services. This could be linked to an existing business (e.g. if you’re a freelance writer, a lawyer, or a child behavior therapist), or you can start providing new services related to your blog niche.

You could also offer your services on top freelancing site that already has established audience and traffic. here are top sites to offer freelancing jobs

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Which Income Stream Should You Try First?

The options we’ve been through are:

  • Join Ads Networks
  • Amazon’s affiliate program
  • Advertising networks
  • Sponsorship
  • Creating a product
  • Providing a service

Any of these could make a great first income stream for your blog. But if you’re not sure which one to choose, I suggest going for affiliate marketing (either with Amazon or with Xprexity Affiliate Programs).

Affiliate marketing has a very low barrier to entry. Many programs will approve you instantly. You can get links straight away to put into your blog posts.

While you may not make a lot of money from affiliate marketing in the early days, you will learn a lot. You will see the products that your audience likes. This can help you work out what kind of products you may want to make.

Affiliate marketing can also help you to figure out which brands may be links to your blog. For example, if you find the jewelry is not good on your blog, you may reach several jewelry stores or manufacturers.

Remember, making money from blogging takes time. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Most bloggers have more than one income stream, particularly if they’re blogging full-time. Many will also have tried some things that didn’t work for them.

So if the first income stream you try doesn’t work for you, hang in there and keep experimenting.

And while some bloggers talk about “passive income”, making money from your blog isn’t really passive. You’ll spend time building your audience, creating a product or building relationships, and so on.

So, by all means, experiment with income streams. But don’t do it at the expense of other important things, such as creating great content, engaging with your audience, and promoting your blog.

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