July 14, 2020

6 Common Freelancing Mistakes You Should Never Make

6 Common Freelancing Mistakes
6 Common Freelancing Mistakes

6 Common Freelancing Mistakes You Should Never Make

6 Common Freelancing Mistakes You Should Never Make. I don’t know about you, but when I started off as a  freelance writer, I made a ton of mistakes.

And with “a ton,” I mean all I did was pretty much a disaster.

Fortunately, you can fix the error. And contrary to popular belief, making mistakes is a good thing – as long as you learn from them.

But if you think they are, “Great! As long as I learn from my mistakes, it’s all good, “I have to tell you something … and you will not like it.

You may not know you made a mistake. And can be parts that are harming your freelance business.

6 Common Freelancing Mistakes You Should Never Make
1. You are not charging enough

Freelance level subjective. What is a low level for me could be high for you.

But here’s the thing: if you do not attract the kind of clients you want to work with, you may not be charging enough.

One quick way to tell if you are undercharging or not is to look at your calendar. Do you have room for new clients? Do you have room for your own life? Do all of your clients treat you well? Can you meet all your deadlines now comfortably? And you pay your bills?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is No, you may not be not charging enough. If the answer to all of it is not, you certainly are not charging enough.

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2. Not Focusing on a Portfolio

The first thing anyone asks of freelancers is his / her previous works. A well-maintained portfolio is supposed to answer the question. As potential clients, people want to know whether they invest in you, how you will help them grow their business. Have you ever done anything that helps a business person?

Keeping the portfolio as a work of earlier work and let other people know why they should trust you.

3. You have difficulty saying “No”

Many freelancers choke when trying to say NO, We can not do it. Not without feeling like the biggest heel in the world. Our inability to say no translate into accepting any client request – and that’s just produces bad business.

The next time your gut tells you to say no – just say it.

Yes, you say no to the money you need, but your time would be better spent finding an interesting job that pays better than slogging for hours over a project you do not want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

4. You call yourself a freelancer

I do not know that “freelancers” are dirty words. Perception, as a first impression is strong and lasting. People do not pay a premium for a service that has a bad reputation.

Despite the increase in freelancers, they are still viewed as a business risk. You outsider who does not know the inner workings of the company. There is no learning curve for you. You have to jump right in and that is brilliant. Potential clients know that they are expecting a lot from you and that’s why everything feels so risky.

You have to reduce the perception of risk. The only way to do that is to increase your profits perceived. Start by calling himself a business owner who is available for rent. Now you are considered as a business that provides a service to another.

5. You see other freelancers as your competitors

If I do not get the project then some other freelancers will. So it makes sense to look at other freelancers as competition. But here’s a stat I am not aware of: “81% of freelancers refer work to other freelancers, and 52% collaborate with other freelancers.” Surprising stat coming from the Freelancers Union survey report.

Do not remove it. Be part of a network of freelancers. It’s easier to land a project when you’re called. A fellow freelancer can turn cold into warm contact.

6. You never invested in your business

It sounds like a successful freelancer problem right? Who has the money to invest back in the business when you barely make ends meet? But if you do not invest in your business, you will not have a business to invest in the next few years.

You do not need to put thousands of dollars into getting the training you need. Start with a good copywriting book library (both traditional and ebooks). And do not forget to take advantage of free high-quality resources.

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